Kappa & Fish Curry (DF/GF/NF)


Authentic Kerala dish Kappa (Tapioca) and Meen Curry, a delicious and most commonly served combination.

Kappa Biryani (GF/NF)


It’s a mix of Kappa (Tapioca) and beef. This special recipe can be served as a snack or as a main course.

Kuttanadan Duck Roast with Porotta (DF/GF/NF)


Also called as Kerala duck pepper roast, this dish is made with small pieces of duck meat slow-cooked until they are coated with a reduced spice base with a kick of black pepper.

Veppila Chicken with Tawa Porotta (GF/ NF)


The chicken is cooked along with roasted curry leaf masala that includes other spices.